Gone are the days when only people with expansive lawns call on artificial turf companies near me—and with good reason.

Synthetic grass looks and feels like the real thing without its downsides. It doesn’t attract pests, create pollen that can trigger allergies and wilt under foot traffic. Better yet, it’s impervious to dog-related issues like unpleasant smells and grass burns.

So, if you own any of the pet-friendly facilities below, you definitely have a lot to gain from installing synthetic turf:

1. Animal Clinics

Some pets answer nature’s call before entering the clinic, probably associating the place with stressful activities like getting vaccines. Others can hold it in until they’re in the clinic. Either way, it means running an animal clinic involves a lot of cleaning up.

Synthetic turf near me can make clean-ups easier, as it comes with efficient drainage systems. Install it outside your clinic and when a dog uses it as a bathroom, you can simply remove the solid waste (if there’s any) and hose down the soiled area. Then, use a disinfectant if needed. Lawn care has never been easier!

If you want to simplify indoor clean-ups as well, consider getting artificial turf installed inside your vet clinic. Set aside a bathroom spot and cover it with synthetic grass. You won’t have a hard time getting pets who associate green turf with pooping and peeing to use the area, helping you limit the areas that need cleaning.

2. Dog Shelters

Dogs can wreck lawns in a matter of minutes. As a result, it’s not a good idea to grow natural grass in your shelter’s dog run. But that doesn’t mean you’ll have to settle for dirt or a concrete yard. You can turn your dog run into a lush, evergreen wonderland with a synthetic turf installation.

Even the most determined dogs can’t dig through its tough surface and its artificial fibers won’t break under constant paw traffic. It also keeps muddy patches from forming in your yard, helping you keep your canines clean longer.

3. Pet Boarding and Daycare

Whether you run a pet boarding (pets can stay overnight) or a daycare (owners pick up their dogs later in the same day), you can definitely benefit from artificial grass installation.

You can create a pet-proof dog run with lifelike turf that’s free of grass burrs, ticks, fleas and other pet hazards. With the help of the best artificial turf installation companies near me, you can also have a beautiful landscape that doesn’t need expensive lawn maintenance. Make it one of the highlights of your facility to attract more pet owners.

4. Pet-Friendly Apartments

Want to make your four-legged tenants feel even more welcome in your apartment? Invest in artificial turf installation near me. You can install it in your complex’s outdoor areas to give your residents’ dogs a safe and comfortable place to play in.

You can also turn your installation into a landscaping project to attract more tenants. With the help of expert installers, you can incorporate trees, plants and flowers into your setup. Just make sure to pick varieties that aren’t toxic to canines, especially if you allow your residents to let their pets loose in your green space.

5. Malls

Natural lawns never fail to give shopping centers a fresh look. Unfortunately, they’re difficult to maintain, especially when grown in areas that get a lot of foot and paw traffic. Good thing artificial turf companies near me can help you bypass these issues.

Synthetic turf is tough enough to accommodate not only excessive use but also heavy items. Because of this, you can place benches and other outdoor furniture without worrying about your turf. It can give pets and their owners a beautiful spot to relax on and attract more shoppers.

Want to up the fun factor? Use artificial grass to create fun amenities like putting greens and a life-sized chessboard.

Pet-Friendly Businesses Can’t Afford the Hassle of Natural Grass

Live lawns look so beautiful and inviting once sod has settled in. Unfortunately, that seldom lasts long. Pretty soon, you’ll have to replace parts of the grass often. On top of that, it only takes one big event to damage your green grounds.

If your business calendar is packed, you might need to hire an additional crew to restore the look and function of your outdoor space in time for the next event.

Maintaining a commercial lawn of any size also needs:

• Regular reseeding

• Constant mowing and cutting

• Landscaping

• Watering daily or more

All of these are essential tasks that you can do or you can hire professional maintenance. Either way, it would mean committing a lot of time, effort and money to a single part of your establishment. You can put an end to that non-stop hassle and expense by enlisting the help of a synthetic grass expert.

More Benefits of Synthetic Green for Pet-Friendly Businesses

If you want all the benefits of real grass without affecting your bottom line, consider going synthetic. Artificial grass offers many advantages to businesses of all types, especially those that cater to pets:

• Enjoy minimal maintenance.

When you replace grass with turf, you no longer need to pay for professional maintenance services or buy lawn care chemicals to keep your lawns green. Artificial turf doesn’t need fertilizers, weed killers, pesticides and other potentially toxic substances.

No need to cut, mow or water it either —synthetic grass retains its perfect looks from day one to many years later. Look forward to more significant savings with your beautiful new lawn! 

• Enhance the safety of your grounds.

Lower the risk of accidents and liabilities when you install commercial, residential and pet artificial grass. The slopes, dips and unyielding surface of the soil can cause injuries in case of trips and falls. In contrast, installers can place a cushion under the turf surface to provide a soft, groundcover to land on.

If you have customers who are allergic to pollen, synthetic grass will make your grounds more accessible for them since it never releases allergens. 

• Expand your services.

Make your establishment a one-stop-shop for your clients! Artificial grass is extremely durable, pet-friendly and can accommodate most activities held on natural grass. Invite pet owners, welcome photoshoots, host games and picnics —there’s no limit to what you can do with artificial grass.

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