Mowing is one of the most tedious and time-consuming aspects of being a homeowner. You have to spend your weekends on your lawn, dragging around a heavy machine that’s difficult to maneuver. Worse yet, you’re constantly running over rocks or sticks, which can damage the blade or require expensive repairs. And if it rains? Forget about mowing for another week!

Synthetic grass near me solves all these problems – in addition to providing an attractive and safe outdoor space for you and your family.

9 Common Mowing Issues Solved by Synthetic Turf

  • 1. The mower’s blade isn’t sharp enough to cut the grass evenly.

    As a result, your lawn ends up with a jagged, inconsistently cut look. Buying new mower blades is a routine task for many homeowners with real grass and the costs add up over time.

    In contrast, artificial grass will forever remain at the perfect height without needing to be cut at all.

  • 2. You can’t see what you’re cutting because of weeds and debris in the way.

    Weeds and debris make it hard to see what you’re cutting. This causes a lot of wear on the blades, which leads to higher mowing costs over time. Synthetic turf near me doesn’t have this problem since there’s no dirt or weeds hiding in the turf – all the maintenance it needs is sweeping off leaves & twigs every few weeks, plus getting a good rinse and brush a few times a year.

  • 3. It’s too hard to mow around trees.

    One of the biggest problems with natural grass is that it can’t be cut close enough to trees without damaging the trunk and roots. As a result, you may have to spend extra time and effort on trimming the grass (or paying a professional if you don’t have time or skills to do it yourself).

    Artificial turf, on the other hand, never has to be mowed at all. And yes, you can grow trees on a synthetic lawn. Feel free to ask our team how we pull it off!

  • 4. It’s difficult to mow around hardscape.

    Natural grass is often infested with weeds that grow along the edges of pathways and driveways, so if you have a lot of landscaping in your yard, it can be difficult to get close enough for a clean cut without damaging any decorative hardscape.

  • 5. Your lawn has a lot of curves in it, which makes it challenging to mow.

    Mowing a lawn with curves is difficult on any type of mower. Specifically, the mower will not follow the curves of your lawn and instead, it will cause excessive scalping on those hard-to-reach areas. The result is an uneven lawn, bald spots and more time wasted on mowing.

    Artificial grass is a great solution to this problem because it doesn’t grow at all. This means you can turn the natural curves of your lawn into a design highlight without worrying about how you’ll maintain the grass in and around it.

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  • 6. Mowing releases a lot of dust and pollen in the air.

    Pollen and dust can easily cause allergic reactions or breathing problems. So, every time you mow your lawn, you and your family are getting exposed to all of those allergens. For people with asthma and grass allergies, this is a very serious health hazard.

    Artificial grass is dust and pollen-free, which means you don’t have to worry about your backyard triggering respiratory problems or allergy attacks. In addition, artificial turf eliminates a lot of airborne particles like mold spores, bacteria and other allergens.

  • 7. Grass clippings are everywhere after you mow your yard.

    Aside from the hassle of having to rake and bag grass clippings, it’s also a safety hazard. For instance, grass clippings can be slippery and cause people to slip and fall. Dogs may also try to eat the clippings, which can still have traces of poisonous pesticides and fertilizers.

    In addition, grass clippings can also cause a mess in your house. They stick to clothes, carpets and furniture, which means you have no choice but to vacuum them up or spend time cleaning the surfaces with soap and water.

    Artificial grass eliminates this problem because it does not produce any natural lawn debris to worry about.

  • 8. Mowing is bad for the environment.

    For example, mowing releases toxic fumes into the air. In addition, the gas used to power your mower is a major contributor to global warming. It also contributes to noise pollution, because mowers emit a lot of noise. Grass clippings also add more waste to our landfills and water sources.

    This may be surprising, but synthetic turf is better for your lawn and the environment in several ways. For example, artificial grass is made of 100% recycled material. You don’t have to replace it so often, which means less waste for landfills. Artificial grass also doesn’t require gas or electricity to maintain. No need for toxic lawn treatments that can contaminate the ground, water and air either!

  • 9. The grass always grows back too fast.

    In most cases, natural lawns are cut weekly or biweekly. That’s a lot of work for just one part of your house! Worse, it never ends. As long as you have a natural lawn, you can never stop mowing it or you’ll end up with a messy and hazardous overgrown yard.

    In contrast, artificial grass never needs to be mowed through its entire lifespan. You’ll save time and money on your lawn care routine and never have to worry about the grass growing too high again!

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The worst part about having a lawn is the maintenance. Mowing, weeding, watering, fertilizing – it’s hard work! Not to mention all of the time and money you have to invest in these tasks every week or month.

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