From the smell of freshly cut grass to blooming flowers, the scents of outdoor spaces enhance our enjoyment of backyards. However, if you’re a pet owner in Philly, you’re likely familiar with less pleasant aromas that emanate from the yard— namely, pet odors. 

PUAs (Pet Urine Aromas) can quickly turn your backyard oasis into an unsavory environment. Thankfully, there’s a secret weapon for them—synthetic grass near me. This green solution offers the ideal answer to reducing those lingering pet odors in yards.

Where Do Pet Odors in Yards Come From? 

Dogs bring joy and companionship to our lives, but they also bring certain challenges— a notable one being the lingering smell of their business in the yard.


Dogs often choose a preferred area in the yard as their toilet leading to concentrated urine spots. Over time, as the urine breaks down, it releases ammonia. On hot or humid days, this ammonia smell can be overpowering.

Solid Waste

Even after pick-up, residual matter can stick to the grass and the ground, continuing to produce unpleasant scents. Leftover dog poop attracts pests, and is a breeding ground for bacteria, both contributing to a stinky situation.

Why Do the Unpleasant Smells Linger?

While it’s evident what produces pet odors, understanding why these unpleasant smells persist is key to finding an effective solution.

The composition of natural grass and soil, unfortunately, encourages lingering pet odors. 

Dog urine seeps into the ground, gets absorbed by the soil, and stays trapped. There, the smell intensifies as the waste breaks down. In the case of dog feces, even when the majority is cleaned up, small particles often remain within the blades of grass and in the soil, progressively smelling worse as they decay.

Moisture is another culprit for persistent pet odors. 

Rain, watering, and even morning dew can reactivate and intensify the smells, keeping them present for longer than you’d like. Temperature fluctuations, especially heat waves commonly occurring in Philly, can amplify the stench.

How Does Artificial Grass Reduce Pet Odors in Yards?

Synthetic grass near me has emerged as the hero for homeowners dealing with pet odors. Take a look at how artificial grass works its magic in reducing pet smells to a potential minimum:

Urine and Excrement Drain Through the Turf

A key feature of artificial grass that helps combat pet odors is its excellent drainage capability. It’s perforated, allowing dog urine to pass right through instead of pooling on the surface. 

This design encourages urine to drain away into a specially prepared base layer below the turf. It prevents the urine from stagnating and producing that familiar strong smell. Even dog excrement is easier to pick up from artificial turf, and any residues can be washed away, leaving a clean surface. 

Non-Porous Turf Prevents Waste Absorption

Synthetic grass fibers are constructed of non-porous materials. This means that they do not absorb pet waste or the resulting odors. 

On a traditional lawn, dog urine can soak into porous grass and soil, where it breaks down over time and releases a strong ammonia smell. 

With artificial grass, there’s no absorption. Urine and solid waste can’t penetrate the fibers, but instead, are easily rinsed away. This key feature means you won’t have to battle persistent, unpleasant pet odors.

Bacteria and Disease Control

It’s not just the smells we associate with pet waste that can be unpleasant. Pet urine and feces can be a hotbed for bacteria and disease, which can also contribute to odors. 

One of the advantages of synthetic grass is that it doesn’t provide an organic environment for these bacteria to grow. 

When it’s coupled with a turf deodorizer – a safe, non-toxic infill that’s layered beneath the grass – it can neutralize odors from pets. This deodorizer can trap odors and prevent them from becoming airborne, keeping your yard smelling fresh.

Regular Cleaning and Maintenance is Easy

Cleaning synthetic grass near me is a simple job that can easily fit into your regular yard maintenance routine. To keep it fresh, spray down your lawn with a hose once a week, or more frequently if needed. This flushing effectively removes any potential odor-causing elements. 

For solid waste, removal is easy without the worry of dragging soiled grass into the pool or house. You can use a pooper scooper or plastic bag just as you would on a walk, keeping your yard clean and smell-free.

Doesn’t Feed Odor-Causing Bacteria

Soil and natural grass retain moisture where bacteria can flourish. However, the material of artificial turf doesn’t hold onto moisture and certainly doesn’t provide nutrition for bacteria. 

A quick rinse with a mix of white vinegar and water kills any residual bacteria lurking, while an enzyme cleaner can provide a deep clean and an odor-free space.

Keep Your Yard Smelling Clean and Fresh

Taking care of your furry friends shouldn’t mean sacrificing a fresh and pleasant backyard environment. And with Philly Artificial Grass Pros, it doesn’t have to. 

Making the switch to artificial grass can turn your yard from an odor playground to a forever-fresh, clean, gorgeous, and enjoyable space for everyone in the family. Call us at 267-376-8932 or contact us online today for a free consultation. Let us help you reclaim your yard from persistent pet odors.