Most people disregard their outdoor stairs when landscaping, wasting the fixture’s rich design potential. Don’t make the same mistake! If you want an upgrade that will make your steps look like a natural part of your landscape, consider investing in synthetic turf near me.

Incredible Benefits of Synthetic Turf for Stairs

Lush, green grass on stairs will always be a stunning sight. However, because the fixture is subjected to a ton of foot traffic, natural grass can’t grow on it consistently. Artificial grass offers the perfect solution to this problem.

Artificial grass is tough enough to take regular use without sustaining damage. Its fibers may bend due to the pressure, but this is nothing a good brushing won’t fix. Because it’s synthetic, it also won’t turn yellow under foot traffic.

If your stairs get slippery when wet, investing in synthetic grass near me can help you eliminate that risk. Artificial grass is made from non-slip materials. When installed on steps, it can diminish the chances of slips and falls.

Additionally, artificial grass looks and feels like the real thing. It’s soft and lush, giving steps a more cushioned feel and making them a joy to walk on when barefoot.

Creative Design Ideas for Different Types of Stairs

How you integrate synthetic turf into your outdoor stairs may vary depending on what type of fixture you have. Here are the different types of exterior stairs and some smart design ideas to get installation inspiration from:

  • Cascading Stairs

Usually built around low decks, these offer the most surface area for a synthetic turf installation. If you have cascading stairs, consider covering both the treads and risers of your stairs. Use different varieties for each surface for visual interest.

If you want to leave a portion of your cascading stairs uncovered, don’t install artificial grass on the edges of the steps. This will allow you to show off your stair’s hardscape while still maximizing the turf’s soft, non-slip surface.

  • Natural Stairs

These stairs are usually a natural part of the ground, usually made of soil or stone. If yours are made of the former, synthetic turf near me can reduce their erosion. Use artificial grass variants that look good with the trees and plants near the stairs to compliment the landscape.

You can also use synthetic turf types of different pile heights for each step level. Install short variants in the middle or high traffic area of the steps. Lay down artificial grass with high pile heights on the edges. This will give your natural stairs lush edgings.

  • Traditional Stairs

These are the type of stairs that have landings. If your landscape has this kind of stairs, consider installing synthetic turf on all the steps and landings. This gives the fixture a uniform look. If you don’t want to cover your traditional stairs completely, leave the landings uncovered.

Ensure Stunning Results With Professional Synthetic Turf Installers

Prevent costly mistakes when you rely on Philly Artificial Grass Pros, one of the best artificial turf companies near me! Our experts have years of experience installing synthetic turf on surfaces of all shapes and sizes, including outdoor staircases. Expect your artificial grass to look like a natural part of your steps with our team on the job. Call us now at 408-317-0931 to get started!