With seasonal changes, pest invasions, and water restrictions, growing and maintaining a natural lawn can feel like a never-ending uphill battle. However, artificial grass offers an attractive, sustainable solution that requires virtually no upkeep, letting you reclaim your weekends and enjoy a beautiful yard year-round. 

Here’s how an installation by artificial grass contractors near me simplifies lawn upkeep:

No More Watering

Maintaining a lush, green lawn typically requires consistent watering, especially during the hot summer months. However, watering involves more than just turning on a sprinkler— it’s a balancing act. Water too little, and your grass turns brown; water too much, and you run the risk of fostering diseases and thatch.

Artificial grass, on the other hand, requires no watering at all. Its synthetic blades stay lush and green without any additional hydration, saving you significant time and money on water bills. Plus, opting for artificial grass contributes positively to water conservation efforts—a win for you and the environment.

No More Mowing

The incessant hum of the lawnmower has long been a soundtrack of suburban living. Mowing is a time-consuming task, not to mention the added work of maintaining the mower and dealing with grass clippings.

With artificial grass, you get to permanently retire your lawnmower. The synthetic turf maintains its optimal height and lush appearance without any trimming. Freeing up your weekends and saving you from the loud and laborious chore of mowing.

No More Fertilizing

Nutrient management is an integral part of natural grass maintenance. Regular soil tests, followed by choosing and applying the right fertilizers, are a time-consuming and often confusing task for many homeowners.

A lawn by artificial grass contractors near me needs no fertilizing. The lush green color and healthy look of the synthetic blades don’t rely on soil nutrients and are impervious to any changes in soil quality. This convenience means less work for you and no worry about carrying sacks of fertilizer.

No More Weeding

Weeds are robust competitors, often outpacing turfgrass for resources like nutrients and sunlight. Weeding, whether by hand or using herbicides, is a continual battle that takes considerable effort and upkeep.

Artificial grass makes your yard a weed-free zone. A quality artificial turf installation includes a weed barrier that stops any current weed plants and prevents new weeds from sprouting, granting you a pristine, weed-free lawn with minimal effort.

No More Seeding

Bald spots and patchy areas are common problems for real grass lawns, and reseeding or using turf patch products is a frequent job for homeowners.

Synthetic grass eliminates the need for these tasks. Its durable synthetic blades resist wear and tear and will not fall out or die off, eliminating unsightly bare or thin patches and the need for overseeding.

No More Soil Aeration

To keep a natural lawn healthy, soil aeration— the process of perforating your lawn to allow air, water, and nutrients to reach the grassroots— is often necessary. This can be a strenuous and time-consuming task.

Artificial grass requires no such maintenance. A quality installation includes a compacted, porous sub-layer that facilitates excellent drainage, without the need for regular aeration.

No More Seasonal Maintenance

A natural grass lawn often requires a different maintenance routine for each season, involving a variety of tasks to keep it healthy and attractive year-round. With a lawn by artificial grass contractors near me, these season-specific chores become a thing of the past.

How Tedious Is Seasonal Upkeep for Natural Lawns?

In the spring, natural lawns typically require thatch removal and a thorough cleaning to pick up leaves and other debris that have collected over the winter. This season also often involves reseeding bald patches that have developed during the winter and applying a layer of fertilizer to stimulate growth.

Summer calls for a vigilant eye on watering. Ensuring the grass gets enough moisture while avoiding excess water that might cause fungal diseases. This period can also mean more frequent mowing to manage fast growth facilitated by the hot weather.

During the fall, natural lawns often need a final round of fertilizing, raking to remove fallen leaves, and winterizing treatments to prepare them for the upcoming colder months. This often involves applying certain fertilizers and treatments to ensure the grass survives the winter and comes back healthy in the spring.

Finally, winter requires removing any last fallen leaves, draining irrigation systems. Often some form of protection such as lawn covers for certain types of grass that are more sensitive to freezing temperatures.

How Does Artificial Grass Eliminate Seasonal Maintenance?

Rain or shine, artificial grass will continue to stand tall and stay green. It needs neither enhancement to promote growth nor protection from the elements. 

Embrace the Joys of Easy Upkeep Lawns

With so many maintenance tasks off your plate, artificial grass for landscaping offers a chance for Philly homeowners to enjoy a pristine lawn without the constant upkeep. 

Turn your lawn into a carefree, lush landscape today. Contact Philly Artificial Grass Pros for a free consultation, and say goodbye to your lawn care tasks once and for all. Call us at 267-376-8932 or send us a message online to get started.