Lawns and fields surrounding schools and their playgrounds can significantly affect the inside of the school throughout the day. Whether you have an elementary or middle school that breaks for recess or a courtyard area for high school students to spend time, the grassy areas at school can become an absolute mess.

Hundreds of feet walk, stroll, skip and even run through those yards on a daily, even hourly basis. What if you could prevent all that dirt, soil and mud from getting tracked in the door, down the hallways or into the classrooms every day? You can prevent it by installing Philly Artificial Grass Pros artificial turf.

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Philly Artificial Grass Pros provides landscaping solutions for schools in the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania area. The artificial turf installed has a rubber infill instead of a soil base, so your students cannot track around soil and mud on their shoes.

Synthetic grass also has superior drainage capabilities, leaving you with no areas of puddled water. Your students won’t get wet or track anything in this way because your sythetic grass dries rapidly. Continuously walking and running through wet turf doesn’t tear or ruin the synthetic grass. So you will maintain a smooth, even, beautiful green grass at school.

The synthetic grass benefits continue:

Green, natural and healthy-looking.
Always accessible and ready to be used.
Does not require maintenance or treatments of any kind.
Does not harm the environment. It is soft, comfortable and plush to the touch.
The choice for your school’s grass is clear – choose Philly Artificial Grass Pros synthetic grass installation for your school’s courtyards and playgrounds. Call today for a quote and find out how easy it is to get started!