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If you’re looking for the best among the artificial turf installation companies near me in Philadelphia, you’ve come to the right place. Philly Artificial Grass Pros has installed countless synthetic landscapes for homeowners like you. It’s unbelievable how synthetic turf can transform an unattractive yard into a lush, hassle-free artificial lawn that’ll stay green forever!

However, the amazing advantages of artificial grass don’t stop there. Our synthetic turf installation service is also popular for patios, play areas, decks and pools. Breathe new life into these areas without much lawn maintenance using top rated artificial grass!

Synthetic Grass for Patios

Make your patio look and feel like a well-kept garden when you install artificial turf! This application is especially useful for small patios. It visually extends your yard into the patio, making your beautiful landscape look bigger.

Don’t worry about what your patio material -we can install synthetic turf onto most surfaces, including wood and cement. We can also cut the sheets to fit any patio shape and size. Finally, we can also help you incorporate artificial grass into whatever design you and your patio builders come up with.

After installation, get ready for a patio that feels thick, soft and luxurious underfoot. From being just another part of the exteriors, synthetic grass can turn any patio into the perfect space for relaxation.

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Artificial Grass for Pools

Pools are always a big hit for family and guests, but without the right pool surrounds, you might have a serious risk on your hands no matter how good your pool builders are.

If you’re about to build a pool, you may want to talk to your pool designer about using synthetic turf around it instead of real grass. Already have one? Then you already know why natural grass and sod installation are not a top-rated material for pool surrounds./p>

For instance, real grass gets very slippery when wet, which can lead to injuries. Talk to experienced pool contractors, and they’ll readily tell you how grass also contributes mud, broken grass blades and other debris into the water.

Meanwhile, the hard surface of concrete can worsen the impact of falls, which is why some pool companies caution about using it for residential pool areas. Other materials are susceptible to flooding and damage from too much exposure to water

Not synthetic turf! Ask your artificial grass contractors near me, and they can list down all the poolside benefits of artificial grass, such as:

  • Does not get slippery when wet
  • Shock-absorbent, and offers a cushioned surface to land on
  • No mud, no twigs, no debris to pollute the pool
  • No toxins like fertilizers and pesticides to leach into the water
  • Drains gallons of water in a few minutes to prevent puddling

On top of that, the vibrant shades of artificial turf will make your pool area look like a green oasis. In other words, building a pool is one of the best things you can do for your home, and artificial grass complements all types of pool installation beautifully.

Aside from being perfect as pool surrounds, synthetic grass is also a fantastic option for the area around hot tubs.

Synthetic Turf for Decks

No yard, but got a deck? You can still have the lawn experience! Philly Artificial Grass Pros can install synthetic grass on your deck or balcony. It’s the perfect material for this area because:

  • It’s light-weight
  • It drains well and dries quickly after heavy rains
  • It can withstand 24/7 exposure to the elements
  • It’s resistant to foot traffic
  • It’s low-maintenance —just brush to fluff up, and pick up solid debris
  • It can fit deck posts and tight deck corners
  • It feels like natural grass underfoot

Artificial grass on decks is so easy to decorate too! Install some pin lights or wall sconces on your deck, add your favorite plants and flowers, then arrange an outdoor chair or table in there. Now you have a mini-lawn where you can get some sun and fresh air, without the stress of maintaining real grass!

Let’s Green Up Your Pools, Decks, and Patio!

Philly Artificial Grass Pros are ready to transform your home into a green paradise. Very few artificial turf installation companies near me offer the level of service and experience we do. Over 10, 000 homeowners and businesses have trusted us with their synthetic grass needs. It’s your turn to discover why so many people love turf. Call us now at 267-376-8932 to get a FREE quote and get the ball rolling on your artificial turf project!

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