With a putting green in your own backyard, you can practice putting and chipping at your convenience without needing to head to the driving range or golf course.

But what exactly is a backyard putting green? Essentially, it is an artificial grass surface built for practicing the intricacies of putting. The turf mimics the speed and texture of real greens at golf courses. Backyard putting greens come in many shapes, sizes, and materials to fit your space and budget.

Benefits of a backyard putting green include:

  • Convenience – Practice your putting and chipping anytime at home. No need to go out to a golf course or driving range.
  • Improve Your Short Game – Frequent practice on a realistic surface leads to tangible improvements on the green.
  • Fun for All Ages – A putting green offers an engaging activity right in your backyard for golfers of all ages.
  • Add Value – A high quality putting green can boost your home’s value and appeal to golf lovers.

How to Install a Putting Green

Installing a backyard putting green is a complicated process. Here’s a look at how it works:

Preparing the Installation Site

Proper site preparation is a key first step to ensure a successful backyard putting green installation.

When selecting the site, aim for a flat area in full sun, at least 150 sq. ft. in size. The putting green should also be in a spot with good drainage to avoid standing water.

Before installation, soil preparation is critical. Remove all grass, rocks and debris from the area. Till the soil to a depth of at least 6 inches to loosen and level. Add sand or gravel as needed to create a firm, compact base.

Proper grading is also essential for good ball roll and drainage. Plan to have a very subtle slope of 1/8 inch per foot. A level site is ideal.

Procuring the Proper Materials

The right materials are essential for building a smooth, durable backyard putting green. The basic components include:

Artificial Turf

Specialized artificial putting green turf mimics the texture and speed of real bentgrass greens. Options range from nylon, polypropylene, or polyethylene materials. Opt for high-pile turf for realism.

Base Materials

A base of compacted gravel topped with stone dust provides ideal drainage and stability under the turf.

Specialty Underlayment

Optional specialized underlayment enhances drainage, mimics soil, and improves turf feel.

Cup Cutouts

Recessed cup cutouts anchor removable putting cups flush with the green surface.

Putting Cups

Standard 4.25″ regulation putting cups catch and return the ball.

Seaming Supplies

Adhesives and fasteners connect turf seams for a seamless finish.

Installing the Putting Green Surface

Once you have prepped the site and gathered supplies, it’s time to install the backyard putting green components.

Install the Gravel Base

Compact 2-4 inches of gravel across the area, raking smooth.

Add Stone Dust Layer

1-2 inches of stone dust on top enhances drainage.

Install Underlayment (Optional)

For added realism, roll out a specialty underlayment fabric.

Roll Out Turf

Carefully unroll the artificial turf, stretching it fully across the prepared base.

Secure Seams

Glue seams together between turf rolls; utilize nail strips for added strength.

Cut and Install Cup Cutouts

Cut holes for cup cutouts, positioning in desired locations. Adhere cutouts into the holes.

Apply Infill

Spread and brush clean silica sand infill into the turf for stability, filling the fibers.

Brush and Groom Turf

Use a stiff bristle broom to stand the fibers up and remove footprints.

Install Putting Cups

Insert regulation cups into cutout holes; ensure flush with the putting surface.

Bring the Joy of Golf Home

While installing a putting green requires careful planning and execution, the years of enjoyment make it well worth the investment. For a quality backyard putting green perfectly tailored to your property, rely on the artificial grass installation experts at Philly Artificial Grass Pros. We offer professional installations to maximize your return on investment. Contact us today at 408-317-0931 for a free quote.