Your backyard should be your very own sanctuary. This means your yard should be a haven from noise, whether it’s the drone of traffic, loud neighbors or even barking dogs. It should feel like a mini nature reserve where you spend your time relaxing, reading your favorite book or catching up with family and friends. From synthetic turf near me to fences, below are some landscaping tips to help you design a more peaceful space:

Invest in an Synthetic Turf.

Thick and lush synthetic grass near me can help reduce your backyard’s noise pollution by absorbing sound, especially with synthetic turf systems fitted with foam pads.

There’s also the aesthetic aspect. There’s nothing like a green, well-manicured lawn to help you relax and make your worries melt away.

Finally, a synthetic lawn is the ultimate way to have your cake and eat it too— you can have your natural-looking green space without worrying about all the maintenance that a live lawn requires.

Block sound with thick hedges.

Hedges are your best friend when you’re trying to block out your nearest and dearest neighbor’s noise. Planting thick hedging, especially near your patio or seating area will help keep your backyard secluded.

Don’t have time to care for a natural hedge? Make one with artificial grass for an equally attractive but zero-maintenance option!

Replace noise with the soothing sounds of water.

Well-placed, flourishing water features are excellent sound blockers because the sound of cascading water can drown out all types of noise. Think mini waterfalls, gurgling fountains or a koi pond with recirculating irrigation. To maximize that Zen feel, surround your water features with synthetic turf.

Green walls are your friends.

Create your own green walls with climbing vines, ivy or wisteria. Not only will your green wall look amazing for your backyard photos, it will also serve as an effective barrier against any unnecessary noise.

Surround your yard with tall trees and plants.

Tall, medium-sized plants are one of your best bets in your quest for a soundproof backyard. Not only does your yard look fantastic with your outdoor foliage but it will also block out unwanted noise.

Look at your plants as your own personal earmuffs – they can actually help you remove up to 30 decibels of noise pollution, depending on the type and arrangement you choose.

Not sure if you can grow plants and flowers on an Synthetic Turf?

The answer is yes, you can! You can use raised planters and beautiful pots to showcase your favorite blooms. Artificial grass can handle all that weight, so don’t worry about damaging it.

Want to plant trees straight into the turf? Make sure to discuss this with artificial grass contractors near me, so they can customize the installation accordingly.

Install a high fence.

If your yard is in a high-traffic area or your neighbors’ gardens are too close to your space, you might want to consider installing a taller fence around your property.

The best types of fencing to minimize noise are classic wooden fences, as they’re the thickest options. They look terrific against a synthetic lawn, too!

Enhance your Peace and Quiet with Synthetic Turf Near Me

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Our team is ready and waiting to transform any outdoor space into an oasis with our high-quality synthetic turf products.

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