When you have dogs, you want to make sure they’re safe and happy. But did you know that your yard could be dangerous for them? Grass seeds, ticks, fleas, poisonous weeds… there are so many dangers hiding in your yard’s soil, dirt and natural grass. Yard hardscapes are not safe either because they’re hard and unforgiving. That’s why we recommend going another route: synthetic turf near me!

How Does Synthetic Grass Make Yards Pet-Friendly?

Artificial grass is a great option for pet owners who want to keep their dogs safe and happy. Here’s why:

Synthetic Grass is Soft and Paw-Friendly

Artificial grass is lush and gentle on the paws, so it reduces the risk of your furry friends scraping or cutting their paws. If you use it to cover the ground completely, you can keep your dogs away from sharp rocks.

Impact-Absorbing Padding

Synthetic turf near me has shock-absorbing padding that reduces the risk of injuries. It cushions falls and absorbs impact when your dogs run, jump or play rough on it.

Synthetic Grass is Weed and Pest Resistant

Grass products from artificial turf companies near me are also safe for pet owners because they don’t need toxic weedicides and pesticides like natural grass does. Weeds can’t break through the turf, while pests—including ticks and fleas—can’t get food or shelter from it. That means there’s no risk of your dogs ingesting toxic chemicals and getting sick from them.

Synthetic Grass is Mud-Free and Dig-Proof

Artificial grass covers the ground completely, so there’s no dirt on it that can turn into mud. Likewise, its fibers are so dense that dogs can’t dig through its surface. You can let your dogs run around freely without having to worry about them getting dirty or finding something bad under the soil.

Great for Dogs With Mobility Problems

If your dog has trouble getting up and down or just needs a softer landing, artificial grass can make a huge difference. For example, if your dog has arthritis or hip dysplasia, you’ll find that artificial grass is much easier on their joints than other types of surfaces.

How to Create a Dog-Friendly Backyard With Artificial Grass

Building a dog-friendly backyard is easy and fun, especially when you install artificial grass. Just follow these steps:

Install Artificial Grass

Installing artificial grass will provide your dog with a place to stretch their legs and get some exercise. You can lay down turf over your entire yard or just the areas that your dogs have access to.

Set Up Shade

It’s important that there is shade throughout the yard so that your dog doesn’t overheat during those hot summer days. You can add shade by growing trees, adding an umbrella over their favorite spots or building structures like pergolas.

Add a Wading Pool

Adding a wading pool will provide hours of entertainment for your pup while keeping them cool during the summer. You can fill the pool with water from your garden hose or turn it into an ice-cold bathtub by filling it with ice cubes.

Build a Sandbox

Your dogs will love having their own sandbox to dig and play in. You can purchase sandboxes from most home improvement stores. Likewise, you can simply use an old plastic storage bin if you are on a budget.

Stick to Dog-Safe Plants

Grow dog-safe plants. Your dog doesn’t need dangerous plants like lilies or poinsettias around them when they’re outside playing. The chances of them licking or eating these plants are high. Artificial grass won’t allow anything dangerous to grow underneath it, so you don’t have to worry about poisonous weeds growing on it.

Turn Your Yard Into a Pooch-Friendly Oasis With Artificial Turf Installation Companies Near Me

Your dogs are a part of your family, and you want to make sure they are happy and healthy. If you’re considering artificial grass but you’re not sure whether it’s the right choice for you and your pup, we can help you out.

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