Children love playing outside and this doesn’t just keep them entertained. Outdoor playtime is strongly connected to cognitive, physical, emotional and social development in kids. Unfortunately, many parents hesitate to let their kids play outside due to the risk of injuries. Discover why more and more playground managers are using synthetic turf near me to enhance the safety of their play spaces.

How Synthetic Grass Improves Playground Safety

Designing a kid-appropriate playground is more than just having safe equipment. The grounds also have to be safe enough so kids can run and play with minimal risk of being injured through falling, slipping and tripping.

Due to its unique properties, the use of synthetic grass near me in both public and private commercial playgrounds is becoming more popular. It offers the following advantages:

  • 1. It maintains an even surface for playing.

    A major problem of playgrounds with real grass is that it eventually develops significant holes and ruts. This is especially evident under slides, swings and other equipment. Constant playing and heavy foot traffic also result in pathways and other wear patterns. All of this can increase the risk of accidents.

    Artificial grass stays intact no matter how much wear and tear it accommodates. At the beginning of the installation, artificial grass contractors near me will smooth out the ground and remove debris to lessen tripping hazards. Once the synthetic turf is in place, it will not be compressed or mat down for a long time. The material is also highly resistant to pressure, impact and the elements, so it stays as lush as day one.

  • 2. It minimizes slips and falls.

    Another danger of having a playground with natural grass is how slick it gets with even just a little moisture. Whether it’s morning dew or the aftermath of rain, you can expect grass playgrounds to get slippery. Moisture can also give way to a muddy mess in areas with bare soil. These increase fall hazards and get children and equipment dirty.

    Because artificial turf is installed on top of infill and not soil, there is no dirt to create mud no matter how wet the playground gets. It’s also installed with an excellent drainage system that efficiently directs water from the surface to the ground below. Add its highly non-slip resistant quality and you’ve got a safer playground that doesn’t put children at risk despite the presence of moisture.

  • 3. It diminishes the impact of trips and falls.

    While you can take every precaution possible to make playtime safe, it’s natural for children to still trip and fall while playing. Therefore, it’s important to provide a soft surface to absorb the impact. Packed dirt can be unforgiving due to wear and tear, which can increase the impact of falls.

    Synthetic turf near me is much softer than dirt. Consider adding a shock-absorbent layer to your installation to cushion falls more effectively and decrease the chances of injuries.

Design Safer Commercial Playgrounds and Parks with Synthetic Turf

Aside from these safety advantages, artificial grass ensures that playgrounds stay green and beautiful all year long. This encourages kids to play more and benefit from being outdoors. Add a mini golf course, putting green or other fun equipment and you’ve got all the elements of fun playtimes while giving parents and guardians complete peace of mind. Call Philly Artificial Grass Pros at 408-317-0931 or send us a message here to get started with your project.