Installing synthetic grass near me in your outdoor spaces is a great way to lower the risk of people slipping and falling on them. Unlike bare soil, grass, and outdoor hardscapes, it doesn’t get slippery when wet—that goes a long way in preventing accidents.

Why Slips and Falls Are Nothing to Laugh At

People tripping, slipping, and falling is a staple of funny videos. But let’s be honest: falls are no laughing matter. Falls are the leading cause of hospital visits in the US, and they account for over 8 million hospital emergency room visits every year.

Around 5% of people who fell suffer from fractures. The most serious types are hip fractures, which often lead to serious health problems and even death. Moreover, falls are a common injury among the elderly, and they can be very serious.

One of every three persons over the age of 65 will experience a fall each year in the USA. Falls account for 87% of all fractures among people over the age of 65. The risk of falls goes up with each decade of life.

Most fall injuries happen at ground level, which means you should make sure your floors have little to no risk of causing slips and falls.

Places Outside Your Home Where People Can Slip and Fall

The truth is that you’re just as likely to slip and fall outside your home as inside it. Here are some of the most common places where people are most likely to slip and fall, and how  synthetic grass near me can prevent that:


If your yard is mostly grass or bare soil, it can get muddy and slippery when wet. Any part of it that’s uneven, be it from a dip in the ground or a slight incline, can also make people lose their footing.

The great news is that you can forget about those concerns if you have a synthetic lawn. Turf installers make sure the area is flat and even before laying down the synthetic grass, which also has a consistent pile height. That ensures that the entire yard floor is level.

Moreover, artificial grass still offers traction even when wet, which means you can safely walk on it even when it’s raining.

Patio and Porch

A patio or porch is a great place to relax, but it can be dangerous if you’re not careful. Most of the materials that make up the floor of patios and porches pose a slip risk. Wood can warp, crack, and lift as it ages. Tiles and marble panels don’t warp, but they can chip due to damage.

Artificial grass contractors near me can help you remove all those risks. Synthetic grass doesn’t crack or warp because it’s soft and sturdy, Likewise, it’s durable enough to withstand the high foot traffic common in patios and porches without taking damage.

The best part? Turf experts can lay down the artificial grass on top of your existing flooring. So you don’t have to do any major structural changes to your patio or porch.


Any unevenness on the ground can make people trip, slip, and fall. And if you have a cement driveway, it might crack and develop bumps and potholes over time. If it has a smooth finish, it could also become slippery when wet.

Artificial grass can keep your driveway floor from becoming slippery when wet. It’ll also help level out any unevenness in the pavement. But there’s a catch. While synthetic grass is durable, it can’t withstand the weight or traction of a moving car driving on it. Keep that in mind when you integrate it into your driveway.

Prevent Accidents With the Help of Artificial Turf Companies Near Me

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