Most lawn chemicals can be bad for people and the environment when they’re misused or overapplied. So you must know how much fertilizer and pesticide you should be using at any given time. If you don’t have the time to figure out the chemicals that work for your lawn, why not install synthetic turf near me instead? It’ll look as beautiful as a real lawn minus the need for these upkeep chemicals:


Fertilizers provide nutrients to natural grass to help it grow better and healthier. They often consist of natural materials. But they can also include harmful chemicals like nitrogen and phosphorus.

However, fertilizers can have some negative effects on people and the environment. For example, overusing it can lead to unwanted growth in your yard, like weeds and fungi. It can also contaminate nearby lakes, rivers or other bodies of water if it isn’t properly disposed of after use.

Synthetic turf near me doesn’t need fertilizer because it doesn’t need nutrients to stay in great condition. It’s synthetic and it’ll be as lush and green as the day of its installation with minimal upkeep.

Synthetic Turf Requires None of The Insecticides

Insecticides are a type of pesticide that kills insects. They’re usually available as sprays or granules.

These toxic chemicals have been linked to human health issues like cancer, asthma attacks and birth defects. They can also harm animals, including birds and marine life, by contaminating the air and poisoning nearby water resources. On top of that, insecticides are also toxic to plants.

Artificial grass does not need insecticides because it doesn’t have any organic matter that insects can feed or take shelter in. So bugs and critters tend to avoid it.


Weedicides kill unwanted plants and keep them from growing back.

Unfortunately, these chemicals can have negative effects on people and the environment. They can make you sick if they get onto your skin, into your food or if you accidentally inhale them. Weed killers can also seep into nearby waterways and contaminate them.

On the bright side, weeds can’t thrive in synthetic grass near me. They can’t break through the dense artificial turf fibers. These unwanted plants also won’t find a lot of nutrients in the soil because synthetic turf doesn’t need fertilizers.


Fungi, which include mold and mildew, can attack many plants. They typically grow in high-moisture environments and thrive in shady areas where there is little air circulation. Fungicides control these fungi and prevent them from infecting your lawn.

Artificial grass does not need fungicides because fungi can’t infect it. That means you won’t spot any turf diseases in your yard once you go synthetic.

Enjoy a Non-Toxic Lawn With the Help of Synthetic Turf Installation Companies Near Me

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