A common misconception is that dog-safe landscaping has to compromise on aesthetics. This may be true of natural grass yards that require very specific conditions to thrive. However, with the hardiness and flexibility of synthetic grass, this is no longer true. It’s now possible to design the perfect yard for both you and your dog. Just look up yards with synthetic grass near me for inspiration.

Functional Yard Features Your Dog Will Love

Philadelphia homeowners have a wide variety of dog-friendly landscaping features. These would enhance an otherwise plain-looking yard without sacrificing the health and safety of pets. Spruce up any yard with these landscaping features the entire family will enjoy, especially your canine companions.

Water feature

Nothing says classy yard like a well-thought-out water feature. It should provide a focal point for the yard without dominating the landscape. Moreover, dogs will appreciate having a source of clean water that’s easily accessible while they’re out in the yard. It will help them stay cool and hydrated throughout the day.

Artificial grass works particularly well with water features in the yard. When installed correctly, artificial grass has a built-in draining system that keeps water from collecting on the surface of the turf.  This means no puddles and therefore no needless mess from dogs splashing around and getting muddy. Call artificial grass contractors near me to make sure that installation will be done properly.

Shade and shelter

Create a shaded sitting area to create an outdoor living area. Achieve this landscape feature simply by planting shady trees or even putting up a covered patio. This creates an additional space to spend time in at home with the added benefit of the sun and fresh air. Your dog will also be grateful for shade to protect them during the hottest times of the day.

Make sure to consider the type of ground covering to be used when placing shading elements to the yard. This will be essentially forming the floor of the shelter so it also bears thinking about. Because the shade is supposed to protect from the heat, the ground covering should help with that purpose. Artificial grass not only provides a cool surface to relax on, but it is also comfortable to lay on and is easy on tender paws.

Potty Spot

Dogs would inevitably need to do their business while they’re out in the yard. It’s therefore important to have a designated spot where they are allowed to go potty. Aside from making it easier for dogs, it will also keep the rest of the yard neat and waste-free. This also makes cleanup pretty easy since there’s only one area that needs special attention instead of having to clean the entire yard.

Find synthetic turf near me to use for the assigned bathroom area instead of natural grass. Synthetic turf is easier to clean and more importantly, can be disinfected. If natural grass is disinfected, it’s likely to wither and die resulting in a patchy lawn. This is not a concern with artificial turf. A clean and disinfected turf lessens odor and bacteria buildup making for a healthy environment for the entire family.

Activity Area

Set aside a play area in the yard where the entire family can play a spirited game of catch and fetch. It should be an area without any tripping hazards and sharp edges. After all, the outdoors are meant to be enjoyed to the fullest.

While natural grass may suffer from this kind of wear, check out synthetic grass near me for a more long-wearing option. With artificial grass, there’s no need to worry about kicking up grass and tearing out patches. Even dogs’ sharp nails won’t tear up the turf while they run around and have a good ol’ time in the yard.

No Need to Compromise on Safety or Functionality

Get the yard of your dreams without compromising the health and comfort of your canine family members. Call Philadelphia Artificial Grass Pros on 408-317-0931 to setup an appointment. We are at your service.