We get it. Backyard putting greens are incredible, but they do require an upfront investment. If you’re interested in one, then hopefully, you’ve already done your research. As a result, you probably have a ballpark estimate of how much you need for the installation— and you’re looking for ways to save money. If you’re thinking of installing synthetic grass near me by yourself, think again.

Unlike golf mats, putting green installation is a complex process. It’s not just something to play on. It will also affect your landscape and your entire backyard experience.

Make one mistake and you’re looking at expensive repairs and worst-case scenario, complete putting green failure. Not only that, but it can also damage your backyard itself. No fun!

For a perfect putting green and peace of mind, leave it to our professionals. Save the DIY for other awesome renovations, like connecting your lawn with stepping stones or creating a zen garden on your artificial lawn!

Don’t DIY Your Synthetic Putting Green! Here’s why:

  • 1. Putting green installation technology never stops evolving.

    Unless you install putting greens for a living, you probably don’t think about things like improved thatch patterns for turf or the latest infill products.

    As a result, you may not be aware that the techniques you’re using have ceased to be effective for the kind of putting green you want. Or, you bought the most expensive putting green turf to make sure you have the highest-quality results, not knowing that there’s a new and even better product on the market.

    Knowing all of that is our job here at Philly Artificial Grass Pros! We never stop searching for ways to improve our services and that includes staying updated with the latest innovations in the world of synthetic grass.

    Because of this, you can trust our team to deliver the best and latest industry standards to every part of your project, from helping you pick out the right products to aftercare.

  • 2. Putting greens installation is more complex than you can imagine.

    As we like to say here at Philly Artificial Grass Pros, no two putting greens are alike, just like every golfer has a play style unique to themselves. In other words, we don’t offer cookie-cutter designs. We try to customize each putting green as much as possible, so that it fits your needs and vision perfectly.

    Because of this customization, each putting green is different, as it depends on the current landscape situation and owner’s specifications. Putting green installation is a tedious process which involves a lot of details. Here’s a quick look:

    • First, our installers will check the area and come up with an appropriate design and installation plan.
    • Second, we will clear out the area and conduct ground preparation, including removing grass and sod, debris and other hazards.
    • Then, we will lay the base and place a geotextile sheet to ensure stability to the putting green.
    • After this, we will lay down the synthetic turf according to your putting green design.
    • Next, we will attach the turf to the base and add the grass infill.
    • After that, we’ll need to brush and dress the infill to make the grass lush and vibrant.
    • In between, we will install any feature you want in your installation.

    Sounds complicated? That’s not even half of it! Unless you’ve been installing synthetic turf near me for many years, it’s easy to make a mistake because there are so many things to stay on top of.

    With Philly Artificial Grass Pros on the job, you don’t have to think about any of these. Relax, go for a drive, maybe cook dinner or finish whatever chores are on your schedule— your beautiful putting green will be read y when we’re done!

  • 3. Backyard putting greens need extensive drainage systems.

    Artificial grass putting greens need excellent drainage systems. Of course, you don’t want water puddles in your putting green and you don’t want the runoff flooding other parts of your property.

    Designing, installing and checking drainage for synthetic turf is best left to artificial turf companies near me. Any error can lead to a flooded yard, bacteria-loaded puddles and a putting green you won’t be happy to use. For many of our clients, the potential problems are just not worth whatever savings DIY can offer.

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