If you’re looking for the best place for your golf games, look no further than an artificial putting green. Synthetic turf near me won’t wear down from regular use and foot traffic. So you can play on it as much as you want. It can also withstand the elements and doesn’t need much maintenance.

And if that’s not enough, turf installers can customize artificial putting greens to make them ready for any game. Here are some of the best games you can play on your green:

5 Ball

Five Ball is a game where you hit different balls into the hole in as few strokes as possible. You start with five balls, and if you can putt them all in the hole in fewer than five strokes, you win!

It’s a great game to play on artificial putting greens because it challenges your imagination and creativity. You have to consider how each ball will bounce off of the green before you putt it. So it helps you practice your mental game.

Between the Markers

This one is simple: just try and hit between two markers on the putting green. It’s easy at first, but as time goes on, it gets harder because those markers move closer together. The first person who sinks their ball between both markers wins.

Playing Between the Markers on synthetic turf near me ensures consistent ball roll. So you can hone your control over the force of your swings.

Around the World

Around the World is great for practicing your short game. You putt each ball around the hole to get it in as quickly as possible. This game is fun because it challenges your ability to make quick decisions about how best to use the space on the green.

If you’re playing on an artificial putting green, you’ll find that you have more options available than when playing on grass. You can change up your setup with obstacles. Don’t worry; synthetic turf can hold up heavy items without taking damage. So feel free to add hurdles to spice up the game.

Line in the Sand

Line in the Sand is like Around the World. But instead of going around your balls in order, you have to putt them all within a distance of each other—the line in the sand!

This game is great for practicing accuracy and precision when putting. An artificial putting green is a great setting for it because it has consistent pile height and density. Want to make it more challenging? Ask artificial turf installation companies near me to add variety to your putting green’s terrain.

One Shot, Three Clubs

This game is like Croquet with clubs instead of mallets. You hit a ball into three cups in as few shots as possible, then move onto another set up in front of those three cups. The ideal strategy here is to try to putt close enough to the cup so that you don’t have more than one shot at each hole—but not so close that you can’t make it!

If you’re playing on artificial grass, you can use it to practice your wedge and half-wedge shots. These shots will help you improve your approach to the game. They’ll also help you get better at strategizing during short games.

Let the Good Times Roll on Your Putting Green With Artificial Grass Contractors Near Me

Whether you’re a veteran who wants to improve your strokes or a casual golfer who just wants to have fun, we can help.

Here at Philly Artificial Grass Pros, we specialize in custom-made synthetic putting greens. We use only premium artificial turf for golf and infill in our installations to ensure they’ll offer the best play experience. Send us a message online or call us at 408-317-0931 to get started!