Weeds are the bane of many a backyard putting green. They can make it less fun to play and they’re hard to get rid of. Unfortunately, even if you pull them out or spray weed killer on them, they’ll always grow back after some time. That means that you’ll have to resign yourself to spending a lot of time weeding your green—but if you have synthetic turf near me, you won’t have to! It stays weed-free without any effort.

Why Are Weeds a Menace for Putting Greens?

Weeds make the surface of the course uneven. They make it hard to get consistent shots. This is because they tend to crowd out grass and have a different height and texture to the golf turf.

Moreover, weeds steal water and nutrients in the soil that are meant for the grass. That can affect turf growth—leaving you with thin or patchy grass that isn’t ideal for golf play.

On top of that, weeds aren’t just inconvenient—they’re also dangerous! They can harbor insects like ticks or mosquitoes that can spread diseases. They’re also unsightly and detract from the beauty of your course.

How Does Artificial Grass Stop Weed Infestations?

Synthetic turf near me stops weed infestations in putting greens by way of its construction. Most artificial grasses are made with synthetic materials, like polyethylene, polypropylene and nylon. These materials are thick and durable enough to prevent weeds from penetrating them.

The installation process for artificial grass also includes weed prevention. When installing artificial turf, turf experts remove all weeds and apply a weedicide to the installation site. This kills any existing weeds and prevents new ones from growing. They then add a weed barrier that weeds can’t break through.

In short, the only places weeds can grow on your new putting green are along its seams. This makes it easy to spot and remove any weeds you may have in your green.

Course-Ruining Weeds That Can’t Break Through Artificial Grass

Once you install synthetic grass near me, you can rest assured that these weeds won’t be causing any problems in your putting green:


Clover is a perennial weed that thrives in fresh, moist soil. It is a fast-growing plant and can grow up to three feet tall. Clover’s roots are shallow, which allows it to spread quickly across the ground and crowd out other plants.


Purslane is an annual weed that grows in warm climates. It has thick stems and succulent leaves that can reach up to four inches long and two inches wide.


Crabgrass is an invasive perennial weed that can be difficult to control once it takes hold in a natural putting green. It spreads rapidly via runners or seeds and thrives in moist soil conditions.


Quackgrass is a perennial grass that thrives in wet conditions. It grows quickly during the spring months and produces seeds that will germinate in the summer months.


Goosegrass thrives in natural putting greens because it has a higher tolerance for shade than most other plants do. It also has a very deep root system that lets it survive even during periods of drought.

Prevent Weed Problems for Good With the Help of Artificial Turf Installation Companies Near Me

At Philly Artificial Grass Pros, we offer artificial grass that is not only weed-proof but also realistic, cost-effective, eco-friendly and designed for golf. We also offer landscaping and installation services, so we can help you design and set up your putting green.

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