Once you’ve experienced the joys of having a synthetic backyard putting green, you’ll never look back. Designed to look and feel like its natural counterpart, synthetic turf near me is built to provide the same quality of play found in competition-level golf courses. And with artificial grass, you can make your green as simple or challenging as you like!

Landscaping Ideas for Your Putting Green

If you want to sharpen your short game, you need a putting green that will challenge you at every turn. Consider these landscaping ideas:

1. Build your green around plants and trees.

With the help of the best artificial turf companies near me, you don’t need to uproot or relocate all the existing vegetation on your putting green site. You can have synthetic turf installed around them instead. Not only will plants and trees enhance your backyard course’s visual appeal, but they can also function as environmental obstacles.

2. Maximize side yards.

Turn your empty side yard into a fun and challenging extension of your putting green! Cover it with the same type of artificial grass you used for your course. To add variety to its design, integrate curves and multiple holes into its layout. For more space-savvy landscaping ideas for side yard putting greens, consult your artificial turf installers.

3. Consider challenging layouts.

Actual golf courses present creative challenges to test the skill of players. You can replicate them on a smaller scale with the help of synthetic grass near me.

A punchbowl green is tucked in a hollow or depressed area, while a crowned green is located on a sloping mound. In the latter, the hole is typically found near the top of the green. Both challenge golfers to calculate the force behind their putts carefully, consider how the terrain affects their shots and aim away from the flag to succeed.

4. Mix synthetic turfs of various pile heights.

There’s no rule that says you need to use the same type of synthetic turf near me all throughout your putting green. Feel free to mix different turf types! Note that short pile turf offers less friction than its higher counterparts, so ask your installers how length differences can affect your shots.

These are just some of the many ways you can customize synthetic putting greens! Don’t be afraid to get creative, because artificial grass can take high foot traffic, the impact of swings and the friction of putts without getting damaged.

Let’s Talk About Your New Backyard Putting Green

When it comes to backyard putting greens, let the professionals handle it. Why risk these costly DIY mistakes when our experts can do it perfectly the first time? No matter what kind of design you have in mind, Philly Artificial Grass Pros has you covered. Call us now at 267-376-8932 for a free quote!