Dog day cares have the most active clientele. There’s no stopping guest pups from running around, rolling on the floor, jumping and having the time of their lives. This spells disaster for daycares with natural lawns. One dog is hard enough on real grass— several at once, and you may as well say goodbye to your beautiful yard. Because of this, more and more pet day cares are switching to synthetic turf near me as alternative flooring.

Benefits of Synthetic Turf for Dog Daycares

Synthetic grass near me is a durable landscaping material that can withstand everything from storms to heavy furniture. That’s why even the most hyperactive puppies are no match for an artificial yard.

It offers the following benefits for pet daycares, in particular:

1. Easy to Clean

It’s easy to keep synthetic turf clean no matter how many times your dog visitors go potty on the surface. Simply pick up solid waste and rinse out or wipe down any residue. Liquid waste drains straight through the porous backing. Again, just rinse out the spot with a mild water and soap solution.

To control fur build-up, regularly brush the fibers to remove clumps. Finally, keep unpleasant odors at bay by rinsing out the turf once or twice a week. You can also spray it with a pet-safe deodorizer.

2. Stays Tough Against the Rowdiest Dogs

It’s hard to keep track of so many dogs at once, and not all of them will be on their best behavior. If you have a natural lawn, this means holes, ripped out grass, paths and mud all over your facility.

After artificial grass installation, this won’t be an issue anymore. Dogs can’t tear through the turf or rip out the fibers. They can run all day long, and your synthetic lawn will look as perfect as it did on day one.

3. Safe and Non-Toxic

The best artificial grass from artificial turf companies near me is non-toxic, hypoallergenic and pest-free. Since you’ll never have to use lawn care chemicals, dogs won’t be exposed to pesticides, weedicides and other dangerous substances.

Additionally, synthetic turf feels as soft as real grass. It also won’t get slippery when wet, so dogs will always have a stable footing even when the turf gets wet.

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