Combining synthetic turf near me and gravel makes for a beautiful and functional landscape. Both are durable, low-maintenance and versatile. 

Gravel accentuates the beauty of artificial grass because it doesn’t need much help looking great – since gravel itself is natural and neutral, it does well with anything it comes into contact with – making it particularly attractive with lush and green synthetic turf.

Here are ten clever ways to use gravel in a synthetic grass landscape:

1. Rustic gravel border Synthetic Turf

If you’re going for a natural look, a simple way to integrate gravel with synthetic turf near me is by using it as a border “mulch.” Gravel can be placed along the edges of your artificial lawn or around certain plants to separate sections or outline areas.

2. Gravel accent path

Another option is to use gravel as an accent path that leads to your front door, window or other feature of your artificial landscape. If you’re building a deck off your house, you can create a gravel walkway that leads up to it through your synthetic lawn. 

You could also use your gravel path to access the back door of your garage or blend gravel and synthetic turf to line your driveway.

3. Paver patio + gravel

Don’t forget that you can use gravel in conjunction with brick, stone or other materials to create a paver patio for outdoor entertaining. It’s especially effective with synthetic grass near me, because the turf serves to soften the look, allowing the hardscape patio to blend in seamlessly.

4. Gravel and water features for Synthetic Turf

If you have a water feature on your property – whether it’s a pond or an ornamental fountain – you could position it so that gravel lines the outer border of the deck surrounding it. This creates an aesthetically pleasing, natural appearance in conjunction with the rest of your synthetic lawn.

5. Gravel walkway to a shed Synthetic Turf

If you have a backyard shed that is having trouble standing out from your lawn due to an unfortunate paint job or color choice (or it’s simply outdated), consider using gravel as a walkway to it, surrounded by artificial.

This is a great way to bring new life to a shed that has been sitting neglected in your backyard. It creates a rustic effect that looks particularly attractive when paired with your lawn.

6. Gravel “border” around trees, bushes or flowers

Simply surround the potted flower, plant or shrub with gravel and you’ll not only create a focal point but also give your landscape a natural look. 

7. Gravel paths leading to an outdoor shower

If you have an outdoor shower on your property, consider using gravel as the path that leads to it. This creates a beautiful walkway for guests to use when you have them over for a barbecue or outdoor activity.

8. Around a fire pit 

Gravel can also be used as an aesthetically pleasing and functional way to surround your outdoor fire pit or fireplace. Before filling in the area with gravel, make sure you have installed all gas lines and paved any pathways leading from it so that visitors won’t encounter any harm to their feet. 

This also helps to protect your synthetic lawn, because it adds an extra layer of hardscape protection between the fire and the artificial grass.

9. Around a swimming pool

If you have an in-ground or above-ground swimming pool, consider surrounding it with gravel for safety. While artificial turf itself is non-slip, it won’t hurt to add more safety by surrounding it with gravel.

10. Gravel parking areas Synthetic Turf

You can use gravel in place of asphalt to create a unique and rustic-looking parking area for your guests when they come over. This is especially effective with naturalistic landscaping because it looks like an extension of the rest of the yard.

Like we mentioned above, this also makes it easier and more practical if you’d like to use synthetic grass for your parking areas as well. Most artificial turf installation companies near me discourage the use of turf as pure groundcover for parking areas because the tires and weight of vehicles can damage the turf, but using the turf as an accent to gravel is not only effective but also attractive. 

Create Your Dream Landscape with Artificial Grass!

Without a doubt, using gravel in conjunction with your synthetic lawn can help you achieve a truly natural, rustic look for your yard. From blended areas to accent borders, there are plenty of ways you can integrate gravel into your landscape without sacrificing the convenience and usability of synthetic turf.

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