Take advantage of summer’s beautiful weather to freshen up synthetic turf near me! Even if you already love your synthetic lawn right now, there is always something out there to make it even better.

For instance, have you been itching to entertain at home but don’t have a welcoming spot for guests? Do you want your family to spend more time outdoors but they’re uninterested in your boring, old yard?

Try these great landscaping ideas and make the most out of your living space!

1. Play with Shapes and Accents Using Artificial Grass

An irregular- or oddly shaped backyard isn’t a lost cause. For example, make the most out of those curves and edges with easy-to-reshape artificial grass.

Furthermore, liven it up by mixing textures using different stones, grass types, flower ornaments and even patio furniture. Different combinations bring out a look that speaks to your aesthetic.

If you want to try out this design idea, make sure to have your turf installed by professionals. They’ll know how to securely fit artificial grass products around different materials while ensuring proper drainage. This is not a DIY project, especially when you’re working with hardscape.

2. Cool Things Down by Adding a Water Feature

Is there anything more beautiful than crystal-clear water surrounded by lush grass? Execute this effect in your backyard using synthetic grass near me.

For instance, use artificial grass throughout your backyard to accentuate a small meadow, pond or wading pool. Additionally, fountains make for great focal points especially for larger lawns.

Don’t worry about puddles around your water features— synthetic grass has a built-in drainage system that takes care of moisture quickly.

3. Install a Patio Perfect for Socializing with synthetic turf

Synthetic grass makes a nice wraparound for a patio. You can also build a stone patio for a fire pit that complements your landscaped turf. What a pleasant spot for bonding, outdoor movie nights and a barbecue! Just make sure your fire pit isn’t in direct contact with your turf.

4. Grow a Flower Garden with Your Favorite Blooms with synthetic turf

Ever dream of your own flower garden but can’t get past the demands and upkeep? Adding ornamental plants and flowers with your artificial turf adds much needed pops of color, great texture and height. You can change up your ornamental plants to match the season or make seasonal ones a year-round staple.

Moreover, artificial grass allows you to be creative when it comes to your garden. For example, use raised planters, container gardens and pots instead of planting directly into the ground. This also adds different visual layers to your backyard while helping you save money from more complex arrangements.

5. Connect Your Lawn with Stepping Stones

Stepping stones or pathways highlight the flow of your property. They also make an artificial grass lawn more durable by making it more weather-resistant. In addition, pathways also connect different parts of your lawn to make a cohesive whole. Finally, these can also provide brilliant visual breaks and noticeable walking paths across the grass to welcome guests.

6. Arrange outdoor furniture to keep things relaxing

Level up your backyard with weather-proof furniture. Since artificial turf eliminates worries on puddling, there wouldn’t be wet spots underneath your nice benches or patio seating. Furthermore, you don’t have to worry about heavy furniture crushing the artificial turf either. Synthetic grass can withstand a lot of weight without sustaining damage.

7. Build a Sweet Escape using synthetic turf

Talk to your artificial grass contractors near me about adding a small cabin, home office, coffee nook or mini bar in your backyard. Don’t forget to surround it with premium artificial grass. Enjoy a drink with that refreshing backyard view when you have outside seating for your retreat.

8. Infuse Your Lawn with Fun Elements

Incorporating fun features into your synthetic turf makes it a more exciting place to spend time in. There are so many ideas you can choose from! For instance, install a playhouse for the little ones or place your pet’s play pen in the backyard to spruce up the space. In addition, go whimsical by incorporating a giant chess set, a life-sized bowling game or sports equipment like putting green or soccer goals.

9. Introduce Height to Your Landscape

Garden arches create spatial perimeters to separate sections of your backyard. Combine artificial grass textures and height to make your yard feel like a gorgeous getaway. You can also add dimension to your yard with topiary, mazes and grass walls made of artificial turf. Best of all, you’ll never have to trim those tall hedges if you use synthetic turf!

10. Incorporate a Zen Garden

A nice little backyard trend is a personal Zen garden. Add small, sanded areas for tracing and smooth rocks next to your artificial grass and bring much needed peace to backyards in and out of city limits. Throw in a small waterfall centerpiece to bring the spa to your backyard.

More Benefits of Synthetic Turf Near Me

There’s a lot of work that goes into maintaining a natural lawn. In contrast, not only does synthetic grass simplify maintenance, it also offers a lot of benefits you won’t find on natural grass, such as:

  • Better safety—synthetic turf is non-toxic and allergen-free
  • Low maintenance with no drainage issues
  • Great fun for recreational activities with children and pets
  • Cost effective and versatile

Artificial turf breathes new life into your backyard without compromising comfort and safety. With lots of ideas to choose from, you’ll find the perfect look to go with your lifelike synthetic grass every season of the year. Ready to maximize the use of your space? Call Philly Artificial Grass Pros at 408-317-0931 or send us a message here!